Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quick Update on the Crazy

Yall... I have news. I just can't keep up. With the blogging, I mean. So I'm gonna do some bullet points even though I totally want to (but may not have time to) go back and actually talk about all these things.

* before we even headed out to Kansas to adopt baby Shak, I was in touch with a young lady here in Logan (2 hours away from us) who wanted to place her baby boy (due July 4th) for adoption and wanted to meet us... I told her to hold her horses because we're already adopting a baby... so, we went to Kansas and adopted a baby, haha

* I got back in touch with her when we got back home and have been talking ever since

* had a combined "welcome home baby" baby shower for me & baby Shak with Kal's 4th birthday party

* post-placement visits with our adoption caseworker

* life with 2 kids is so awesome, I LOVE IT

* we met the young lady and her boyfriend (birth father)... I'll call her Miss L

* finalized Shak's adoption a little over 7 weeks after he was born (using a court in Kansas and Kansas law - usually in Utah it takes 6 months, so this was nice!)

* got sealed as a family in the Mt. Timpanogos temple and Zay blessed baby Shak at Church

* Zay's semester ended and we jumped for joy because adopting a baby in the middle of his full-time semester while I'm still working full-time was so hard (BUT WORTH IT)

* I'm still a den leader in the Cub Scouts and most of the time I feel like I'm phoning it in, but I'm trying to do better

* got Shak's birth certificate and SS card and that was the last little cherry on top to feel like his adoption was over and we could move on to the next

* because we're certifiably insane & extremely lucky, we made plans to adopt again immediately... Miss L waited patiently for us to finalize Shak's adoption and get adjusted to having him home and I'm so grateful for that

* my younger brother got engaged! *squeal*

* picked a baby name to honor Miss L and birth father whose name starts with T (I almost wrote Mr. T, haha)

* May 8th, Miss L started bleeding and went to the hospital, some health concerns came up, will most likely have to deliver early (but not that early... she was able to leave the hospital the next morning)

* Mother's Day, I blubbered leading up to this day... I had a strong emotional reaction and I kind of freaked myself out. The actual day was really nice. Got to love on Baby Shak and bond with him some more.

* Payson temple open house

* End of semester, start of "summer" bbq party

* Quickly updated all adoption paperwork, finally officially approved June 1st - what a wonderful relief to get through all those requirements, adoption approval feels like running a gauntlet

* Miss L changed doctors to one an hour closer to us - yay! (so only an hour away)

* I went baby stuff shopping with Miss L, she has a Dr's appointment on the 16th to see if an induction date will be set due to the health concerns, either way Dr doesn't think she'll make it to her original estimated due date of July 4th, so we're probably gonna have a June baby - and two babies 4 months apart, 2015 is totally our year

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