Friday, June 19, 2015

Kal's 4th Birthday + Shak's Baby Shower

Kal turned 4 in March. His birthmama and I always share in the excitement over that day. She's so proud of him and thinks he's as amazing as I think he is. :)  He moved up to the 4-year-old preschool class at school.

We had a party! Shak had been home a couple weeks, so it was a "welcome home baby" shower as well.

These boys adore each other.

Since we were celebrating both of my boys, I wanted a theme that could be for both of them. I picked dinosaurs. We had a cutesy dinosaur cake in honor of the baby and a more cool/scary dinosaur cake for the big ole 4-year-old!

It's always fun to get so many people together and get to catch up. Shak got passed around. That's the best part about waiting to have a baby shower until the baby's actually here... so everybody can love on him. :) Real babies are way better than theoretical babies!!!

Kal had fun too. He wishes everyday was his birthday so all his friends can come over everyday like that. He's a super social kid. Everybody has been so awesome and supportive and helpful. I'm still using diapers from that baby shower. And I have wipes to last me through the millennium! From thinking Kal would be an only child to having Shak here with us finally was a humbling, bring me to my knees kind of gratefulness. He's so perfect and I love that sucker to death.

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