Saturday, April 4, 2015

Today I Will...

Writing prompt for today: "Today I Will..."

I'm a chronic to-do list maker. I'm addicted. It's terrible. I'll plan my day down to 15 minute increments if someone doesn't stop me. Lol. It's a problem! But at the same time, it's because I want to do so much and it's the only way I can feel like I know what the heck is going on and stay on top of things. I have to tell myself to simply, simplify! Today was one of those rare days when I had a couple important things to get done and the rest of the day is off-limits for scheduling. I turn my phone off so I can't look at my calendar. And I go with the flow! So, who knows how this day will turn out. But this was my to-do list this morning:

* egg hunt for Kal (done!)

Zay trying to take a picture of Kal's haircut while I'm trying to take a picture of Kal with his basket...

Mooom, no pictures! He just woke up. Ha ha. *Not* a morning person.

The only actual picture I have from him looking for eggs... the rest I had my finger over the lens. Lol. Favorite quote of the day, "Whoa! They're EVERYwhere!" as he ran to go find all the eggs in the yard. Ha! Kids are so easy to please.

* one braiding session for a friend (done!) <-- I just noticed I haven't posted braiding pictures in a whole year!! What the...?

Making all my parts before I start braiding. I'll have to update some more braiding pictures soon. I'm sure there are plenty on my phone somewhere

* watch General Conference (watching it right now)

* blog (doing that right now too, obviously!)

* keep kids alive, fed, happy, and asleep at a decent hour (so far, so good)

Baby Shak

* possibly go grocery shopping (boooo! I hate grocery shopping... maybe I'll procrastinate that one)

* finally watch the season finale of The Walking Dead (we've been saving it!)

I love easy days like this. Zay has Spring Break next week - no classes, a break from assignments. It's Easter weekend PLUS conference, so that's awesome and I'm not expected to go anywhere to do anything but sit on my butt and enjoy my family and listen to some inspiring word. I've got my boys all to myself. Feels like a vacation! So far we've just been treading water, surviving each crazy busy day till we make it to the end of Zay's semester. But that goal is in sight!! We get this glorious little break right now and I'm just like, "Ahhhhh.... this feels nice." :)

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