Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years...

...  I Will Love You for a Thousand More

I was calling him Baby Snuggles in my head for awhile, but after we picked his name and saw him for the first time he's been Baby Shak. Or Shak Attack, Shak-nado, Shak-fu, Shak-pocalypse. Whatever the occasion calls for. Ha ha. It totally fits him and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

He is BEAUTIFUL and I love him more than my little heart can handle! I'm just bursting with the thought of Kal being a big brother (finally seeing that in action) and for these two to get to know each other over the years and become best friends. My heart is SO FULL, I don't know what to do. But to enjoy it. Every sleepless night, every feeding, every dirty diaper is just fantastic. Love it all. This little miracle has come to console us in God's perfect timing and we are so thankful.

Newborn hospital pics taken by Baby Bloom Photography in Kansas:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Checkin' In

I'm still alive, I promise! Just been reeeeaaally sleepy. :)

Last night I got the best sleep I've gotten since Baby #2 arrived - two whole solid chunks of sleep, about 4 hours each. Whoo hoo! So I'm feeling pretty chipper today. My emotions have settled into this nice warm happiness... like everything is right in the world. Most of my conflicted emotions have died down into contentment. Especially since Shakir's birthmom is so easy to get a hold of and talk to. I need that connection and I know she does and Shak will too.

A small part of me worried about how Zay and I would fare with two kids. Not seriously worried, but I wondered if we'd get annoyed with each other while trying to work together. But something happened once baby Shak showed up. It was like Operation Teamwork kicked in something fierce and we are just ROCKING IT. Seriously. I am kinda giddy about it. I'm falling in love with this man of mine all over again. He has brought me chocolate on many occasions, ha ha. He has hopped up with the baby in the middle of the night, shushing me back to sleep because he's "got this." I've been grinning like a school girl with him lately.

Normal things we were stressing about are overshadowed right now. When my clean-freak hubby is happily sitting in a pile of laundry (completely ignoring it) while feeding a baby... I know something's changed. The world feels brighter somehow. Easier. Not because it is. It's probably harder. But in our minds right now it feels easier because we wanted this so much... and he's here. And the weight of finding Baby #2 is gone. I knew it was a stressor, but feeling it lifted made me realize how much it really was weighing on us.

Thank you for joining us, little man.

Shak Attack

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I am a Terrible Blogger

Just horrible, I tell ya.

I want to write about Shakir's adoption, but it felt like such a *huge awesome important thing* that it's hard to write about at all. To go from waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting... to omg, he's here!... just has my emotions all confused and out of whack.

Right at this moment I'm tired, relieved, excited, IN LOVE, sad, broken, grateful, angry, embarrassed, worried, and tired. Did I mention tired?

I'm tired because Kal is an amazing sleeper and we have been so accustomed to sleeping as much as we want at night... and then introduce a newborn and it's like, daaaaang. Plus I went right back to work the day after we got home. Jumped right back into working full-time. So, trying to balance everything all of a sudden is tiring. Good thing Zay is awesome at daddying and good thing we have friends who babysit at the drop of a hat. Once Zay's semester is over, things will get a lot better in the sleep department.

I'm relieved because I feel like I have been fighting and fighting to give Kal a sibling and to grow our family. We envisioned having lots of kids and with letdown after letdown, it was starting to look like we'd have an only child. And I DID NOT want that! But he's here! My baby boy #2 is here! I can stop fighting so hard. I can relax. I can get out of the trenches, because my baby's home! I'm relieved that we didn't have to do fertility treatments. I really am. It's not something I want to do anytime soon if I can keep getting out of it.

I'm excited because the future is looking awesome when it once looked very dreary! I have hope that adoption is our path again. I am looking forward to growing our family that way in the future as well. LDS Family Services is going to pay for LDS adoptive couples to have a free year of profile listing on That is gonna bring opportunities to so many waiting couples! I had been worried about LDS Family Services not doing adoptions anymore, but once we looked outside of that and saw how we could network and find our own path to adoption without working through them, opportunities come up much more often. This is a good thing. I am excited. :)

I am SO IN LOVE with this little baby!!! We call him "Shak" for short. That kinda morphed into "Shak Attack." I love my little Shak Attack! I love seeing him with Kal. They are the most adorable little duo I have ever seen! We'll lay Shak down on a blanket on the floor and Kal will curl up next to him and just put his hand on his back and stare at him. He'll say, "I'm gonna tell the baby a story!" and he'll start whispering to him. Or he'll say, "I'm gonna sing to baby Shak!" and start singing "Let It Go." Ha ha. He wants to hold him and feed him. He knows it's his job to protect the baby, so if he hears him crying, he'll announce it. If you get too close, he'll say, "Watch out for the baby!" Oh, my heart. Not to mention seeing Zay as a daddy to these two boys. Omg.

This little nugget. *squeal*!!!

I am sad because Shak's birth mom won't get to be his day-to-day mom. And that we have a second son who might not ever know his birth father. I know he's where he's supposed to be and that we were chosen to be his parents for a reason, but it doesn't make it any less sad. Adoption is complicated.

I feel broken because I couldn't bring a baby into the world myself. If this adoption had worked out a couple years ago and I hadn't spent so much time wondering if I should be doing fertility treatments or not, maybe all those old infertile wounds wouldn't have crept up again. But I allowed them back in and now I'm feeling all sorts of things I thought I was over and WANT to be over. Infertility is complicated.

I feel grateful. This is exactly what I wanted and it happened. How can I not be grateful?? Shakir's name means grateful/thankful and we thought it fit for that reason. I'm thankful for such a wonderful experience bringing me back out of my adoption funk. I'm thankful for Shak's birthmama for making us feel like family immediately and making us feel like we could trust someone again. I'm thankful that I prayed for a miracle and he's here. Thankful is an understatement.

I also feel angry that it took so long. And I'm embarrassed that I'm feeling angry, but I am. I'm angry that I had to go through so many ups and downs to get here. I just wish life was a tad bit easier, ya know? I pick a really good time to be angry, right?

I'm also embarrassed that I started a fundraiser and people actually donated to it. Ha ha. Is it silly that I'm embarrassed?

I'm worried about being a good mom. I'm worried about my own mom. She is thinking about moving to Utah and thinks this is where she needs to be. She's had some health problems and shouldn't really be living alone. I want her out here with me, but we really don't have the space. I'm worried about making big decisions like that and it not going as I'd hoped. I'm worried about having to move again (cuz we'll need a bigger place if/when she comes). I'm worried that she'll really like Utah and then we'll end up moving back to Georgia in a few years - what will she do then? I'm worried this last adoption used up our saving-for-a-house money and now we won't be able to buy a house as soon as we'd like and we'll be stuck renting FOREVER. I'm worried that we'll be in Utah even longer than I wanted.

I am just a hot mess of emotion right now. Not all of it really makes sense. It just is what it is and I'm trying to work my way through it and find my new normal. Overall I'm happy. It's just complicated. :)

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