Tuesday, February 10, 2015

God Knows What He's Doing

Just some thoughts running through my head today...

Sometimes life is hard. And confusing. And things happen and we don't know why. We can't see that bigger picture like He can. God knows us personally and knows what's best for us. He guides us in ways that sometimes we can't understand. He lets us make mistakes so that we can learn. He gives us opportunities for growth that we may not be able to wrap our heads around at first. Every situation we find ourselves in can be turned into a positive. Even mistakes can be turned into miracles. God always gives us second chances and can turn any struggle into an opportunity. He is a God of Redemption.

We are human. We make bad choices. We pray to get answers, we feel His Spirit, and then as time goes on we forget what God has done for us. We get prideful. We underestimate our worth. We believe Satan's lies. We rely on our own strength to get us by, even though He has never left our side and is willing to carry our burden for us. Sometimes it takes years of struggling before we realize we were not alone and had we relied on Him the whole time, life wouldn't have been so dang hard.

Even though we are imperfect, He blesses us. He protects us. He continues to reach out to us even when we've shut our eyes to Him. He patiently waits on us to get it together. Even when we've strayed so far. We're never too far to stop and turn around and face Him again.

I am constantly reminded - in both the small things and in big life events - and in the people that come into my life - that He is mindful of me. And that my sacrifices in trying to do the right thing don't go unnoticed. And that my hardships - no matter whether I did something to bring them on myself or not - are His to share with me. I am never alone.

P.S. - As soon as I wrote this, I read THIS POST by Al Fox. She is such a bundle of optimism that you can't help but smile. Love her. And some of her thoughts were mine as well. Great minds think alike. ;)

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