Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year's Interview with Kal 2015

I'm gonna keep this little tradition up of asking Kal questions every year and seeing how his answers change.

Kal & Zay on a sick day. Kal's getting so big! Eep!

Name: Kal-El Rashad 
Age: 3 years 10.5 months 
Height: 3 feet 5 inches
Weight: 40 lbs
Shoe size: 11

Interview questions: 

Favorite Cereal:
Bread. Ultra Bread. No... BRAISIN Bread.
{He was trying to say Raisin Bran. He's such a weird kid to prefer Raisin Bran over other cereal - he's after my own heart!}

Favorite Vegetable:
{He couldn't think of any veggies, so I asked him "carrots, broccoli, or corn?" I still think his favorite is broccoli, but he keeps saying corn!}

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Toy:
Superman and another Superman
{He has lots of Superman toys.}

Favorite TV Show:
Veggie Tales
{I don't know how he didn't say Power Rangers! But I'm glad he likes Veggie Tales. :) }

Favorite Movie:
I like the Turbo one the best.

Favorite Thing to do:
play with toys

Favorite Game:
{Trials Fusion is a motorcycle racing game on the Xbox One.}

Favorite Book: 
The Choo Choo Train book at the library.
{Not sure which one he's talking about! He likes Thomas the train. But at night we've been reading Batman books lately, so I don't know. We go to the library a lot, so who knows.}

Favorite Restaurant: 
That one. It's right there on the corner. {I asked him, "JDawgs?"} Yeah!
{He & Zay have daddy-son hot dog days there.}

Favorite Place to go:

If you could change your name what would you change it to: 
{Said very emphatically...} Kal-El Rashad!
{He obviously would NOT change his name! Ha ha ha.}

What is something mommy says: 
to sit on the bum
{ha ha ha... getting him to sit still is like talking to a wall, but apparently he hears me!}

What is something daddy says: 
to cut hair

What do you want to be when you grow up: 
a doctor
{All right, Kal!!! That's what I'm talking about. Although Zay asked him later, "Don't you want to be a Power Ranger?" and he said, "Oh yeah!"}

What are you going to do different this year than last: 
I'm going to basketball to play with my friends.

Who are your friends? 
... The Cat in the Hat... annnnnd... my friends at school. Jason. Superman.
{I kept asking him for names and he wouldn't give me any, except for whoever Jason is. Ha ha. I said, "What about Ian?" He said, "No. Not Ian. He's not my friend." Uh-oh. The drama begins in pre-school! Ian's supposed to be his best friend there!}

Who is your favorite teacher? 
My teachers at school.
{Guess he couldn't pick just one...}

What is one wish for the New Year? 
I wish to be a doctor... Or to fly like THIS {swooshing around with a Superman toy} and PUNCH and BOOM!! {Ha ha ha.}

If I gave you $100 what would you do with it? 
I would take it from my mom and you don't want to buy it from the store, so we have to go to the store and buy it with money. {"What would you buy?"} A basketball.

What are you afraid of? 
Ooh! MONSTERS! {"What kind of monsters?"} Ummmm.... red and blue.

What do you like the most? 
Superman the most

What do you do at school? 
I play at school.

What do you do at Church? 
I be quiet.

What's your favorite thing to do with mama? 
play choo choo train

What's your favorite thing to do with daddy? 
play basketball

Favorite Sport
basketball and kicking soccer ball

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