Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cute Feet

My husband's a tad bit older than me. Almost 4 years older. When I entered high school in 9th grade, he had already graduated. But some of the older kids knew who he was. He was pretty popular even outside of his age group.

We started dating when I was in 10th grade. Word got around. I started getting introduced to people as "she and Xavier go together"... and people would say, "Ohhhhh." Like that's all that needed to be said and I was accepted and a part of the group. Lol. High school is weird.

I remember starting a new semester and showing up to class. People were getting to know each other. I heard one girl saying to another, "That's Alice! She and Xavier go together." I just smiled politely and the second girl hollered out to me, "You must got cute feet!"

Whaaaaat.? Ha ha ha.

"He was always talking 'bout he wouldn't ever get with a girl unless she had cute feet. You must got cute feet." And she looked down at my shoes. As if I was supposed to whip out my toes and wave them around for the class. I just blushed and laughed and made some joke/smart-A remark and class went on.

As soon as I saw Zay after school I asked him about it. I said, "You think I've got cute feet?" I have never once gotten a pedicure.

He said, "You've got beautiful feet."

And then he married me. Lol. Thank you, feet. You helped me make the cut. ;)

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