Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wishing for Summer!

Photo: www.heraldextra.com
Payson, UT January 2013
As the snow keeps pouring down on us in Utah, I'm dreaming of the upcoming spring and summer. It can't get here fast enough!! I cannot remember this much snow in the 9 winters I've lived here. Is it just me? Or has there been more snow and more sickness this winter in years?

I'm enjoying lots of indoor activities with Kal (being all domestic and learning to bake and craft and everything!) and Zay and I get out of the house often for Date Night, but I sure do miss outdoor activities. Outdoor activities that don't leave me frozen to the bone! Last summer was so much fun - I had no work, no school, and a 1-year-old to explore the world with. It was amazing. Can't wait for the winter to be over.

This summer will be even better, I'm sure of it. It HAS to be! I will appreciate every second of it. I can't wait for a chance to lay out on the grass and look at the clouds... go to water parks... go swimming... hiking again. I need SUN! Ha ha. If I get anymore pale, I'll be translucent!

Here's some pictures I took on one of my many cloud-gazing days last summer. I remember thinking that they were the prettiest clouds I'd ever seen. I said to Zay, "Have I just not noticed how gorgeous the clouds are before? Because these things are blowing my mind right now!" Ha ha ha. I came to the conclusion that if you're too busy to enjoy how gorgeous clouds are, then you are TOO busy. I've been too busy up until last year, I guess.

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