Friday, February 8, 2013

Superbowl Sunday 2013 and Other Random Happenings

I've been forgetting to take pictures lately. So, I either don't have any pictures at all of something or I have only one or two random pictures. I don't know what's up with that. I always take pictures!

Superbowl Sunday was fun. Spent with a couple other families, friends of ours. Really, really good food. Better company. :) All the makings of a good day.

My iPhone pictures that day don't tell much of a story though, ha ha...

Other fun things we've done lately: BYU basketball games, of course. We don't go nearly enough to say we really take advantage of getting free tickets whenever we want. Maybe we're just not greedy, ha ha. Or we're spoiled.

There is like NO one behind us. Weird.

Me and my super duper friend Kayla.

Being reverent at the game. Ha ha!

Captivated by the game.

I keep a folder of "outtake pictures" on my computer (pictures too hilarious to delete, but absolutely too horrible to post anywhere), but you know what? Who cares? Lol. Outtakes from a bball game:

Trying to look like the creepy girl from The Ring...

Mysterious vampire pose.

We had a visit to the pediatrician when we all got the flu. Kal got his first ear infection! Yaaaaay. We're all better now... THANK GOODNESS.

Checking out the aquarium at the Pediatrician.

Had a playdate and Kal got to play with my friend's horses! He was curious, but freaked out and kept a safe distance most of the time. I did get him to pet the horsie on the nose and he understood that it was just a big animal like our kitties.

We've been taking walks and listening to lots of music. Kal loves his mp3 player... or stealing mine or Zay's phone to listen to music.

And almost every morning consists of morning cartoons! Or Yo Gabba Gabba... is that considered a cartoon? It is so trippy.

Kal knows how to get into the granola bar stash...

According to my photos, this is what we've been up to lately! :)

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