Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog Day 2013

Groundhog Day makes absolutely no sense to me. But one of Zay's favorite movies of all time is Groundhog Day, so we always watch it. We watch it throughout the year too though. It's one of those movies we put on at night to fall asleep to (although it has a very, very, very annoying title screen that plays over and over again... it seeps into my dreams!!). Bill Murray is friggin hilarious. Love him! Yesterday was a really long day, so by the time we actually sat down in the living room to watch it, Zay was asleep and I was poking him to get him to follow me to the bedroom. Exhausted!

Saturdays are my normal booked-solid days for doing hair, so I spent the day braiding and chasing after Kal and trying to cook dinner before Zay got home from work and picking up the babysitter (my brother) and getting dressed and ready to go out! I totally got spaghetti sauce on my cute shirt before we left. Dangit! But anyways...

A few weeks ago, I was planning some date nights (woot! woot!) and saw BYU's Contemporary Dance Theater was doing a show, so I immediately got some front row tickets. First, I love almost anything that's going on at BYU... the feeling I get when I go back on campus and the rush of memories from my college days is just amazing and I feel SO happy! Man, as much as I complained about how hard school was, those were some of the best days of my life. I miss it! I feel right at home whenever I go back. :) And second, contemporary dance is absolutely gorgeous and I knew it would be amazing.

Program from "The Thing About LOVE." BYU Department of Dance Contemporary Dance Theatre.

And it was! I cried. A LOT. Ha ha ha. We had such good seats. And the dancing was beautiful. And the crowd was hyped. Every dance was in some way about Love, and I was there with my man. :) :) :) Perfect date night.

I tried to explain interpretive dance to Zay and that was pretty funny. I said, "You have to see the dance through your heart... and put your life into it." He just said, "I don't think I'm cultured enough for this." Lol. When they all danced in white at the end, he leaned in and asked, "Sooo... what? Are they like angels?" Ha ha ha. He loved it too, though. Dance students have some crazy work ethic and passion for what they do. In my heart, I'm a dancer. In reality, not so much. Maybe in the next life. Ha!

All our pictures look like this nowadays.

Kal, at home... with his Ritz cracker Pope hat on. :)

When we came home, I was super excited to see Kal... and I did the stupidest thing. I swooped him up and jumped with him in my arms onto my bed. Annnnnd.... his head rammed into my nose (he has the hardest head EVER). And my nose started bleeding. And I burst into tears thinking I had broken it. The tip of my nose was numb all night and the bridge was super tender, but the bleeding stopped pretty fast and Zay thought I would be okay. He tried to comfort me by congratulating me for being in my first fight. Ha ha. That's what it looked like with all the tissue hanging from my nose. So, when we finally watched Groundhog Day, I was pooped and my nose was numb. Lol.

Did you do anything fun for Groundhog's Day? How are your Date Nights lately? :)

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