Monday, February 11, 2013

Brainstorming Names for Baby #2


Baby names are super important to me. Probably way more than they should be. I don't think I'd be okay with a name that I just "sort of" liked. It has to be perfect.

And by perfect, I mean it has to hit every piece of criteria I have for a name. And that list is long.

I have to like the way it sounds (I like certain letters like K, A, and J better than others), the native origin (I prefer Arabic, African, and Japanese origins), its meaning (I like the first and middle names meanings to go together and be specifically meaningful for our lives at the time or their journey to our family), its popularity (I like unique but not completely made up names), the letter it starts with (what the initials would spell), possible nicknames, the way it flows with other names (middle and last names - they have to have the right number of syllables, siblings names - I don't want names that are too "matchy"), whether it has negative/positive connotations in history or pop culture, I have to consider if I know someone with the name and what I think about them, if I want it to have religious significance, whether I want to honor a family member (and if I do, which one(s)? and would somebody feel left out?), etc. etc. etc.

Added onto all that, I think it is very very important to honor my children's birth mothers in their names. Kal's birth mom loved the name we picked out for him because it was so unique. And their first names both begin with "K" and that was our way of honoring her in some small way. I want to take that into account when we're naming our next child. So, it's hard to come up with a name beforehand (without knowing who our child's birth mom will be) because I'd like to know her take on naming the baby. If something was really important to her about the child's name, I would want to take that into consideration first. We know what Kal's birth mom had thought of to name him before she made an adoption plan, and although we didn't use that name I included it in his baby book for him to know.

We used to have a huge list of "future baby names," but with all the criteria we've added since we doodled those names out years ago... most of those names have been crossed off the list. And my husband is STUCK on the idea that all our kids should have "-El" as part of their first names. Ummmm, no. Somehow I'll have to convince him otherwise.

I have literally gone through every single name on Every single one... and read every single meaning... and sounded each one aloud, combined with other names. Until I've come up with a list of names I like, each with a middle name. The problem is, I have 7 "perfect" first name-middle name combinations for girls. And 0 for boys. I have a bunch of "maybes" and "almosts." But nothing perfect.

Is that a sign that we're going to get a girl?

Or is that a sign that we're going to get a boy?! Ha ha.

I don't want to spoil the "surprise" by listing my favorite names, but here are some of my "almosts" for girls:

  • Chloe Rose ("Verdant and Blooming Rose")
  • Nova Catori ("New Spirit")

And here are some "maybes" for boys:

  • Hero ("Brave One of the People")
  • Cyrus ("Of the Sun")
  • Cleric ("Member of the Clergy")

None of the boy names fit just right, but I'm working on it. Maybe I'll be inspired in a dream or something. That's happened before. Well, Zay had a dream that our next child was named "Blue Sky Valentine"... not sure if it was a girl or a boy. Ha ha. He woke up and asked me about it, but nope! That wasn't one I was considering! Lol.

Hopefully we won't have to pull "maybe" names out of a hat after we already have a baby, but if it comes to that I guess that's just the way it'll have to be.

What are your baby naming techniques?

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