Saturday, August 27, 2011

Been Awhile

I am currently without Internet for the first time in... well, as long as I can remember! Minus my phone, which is my only access to the Interwebz, on which I've decided to download the Blogger app and attempt blogging with this itty bitty keyboard and its *amazing* (insert sarcasm) auto-correcter.... Seriously, it totally just changed "itty bitty" into "orgy birth".... :O

We're in the process of moving to a bigger place. Hence the lack of Internet during the transition. Our adoption plans unfolded so quickly.... I had anticipated having time to save some money, find a bigger place, decorate a cute little nursery, etc. But Kal-El came so quickly. And he's 5 months already! We're super excited to give him his own room and have space enough to breathe for a change. There's plenty of room for him to play and crawl around (he's rolling over and I can tell crawling is coming soon) and grow and laugh and be the happy little baby he always is.

Man, I feel so blessed. :) I'm generally a giddy person. Ask anybody I work with. I'm sure I annoy a coworker or two with my loud squeals of random excitement and my declarations of it being "a GLORIOUS morning!" on a Saturday overtime day. But having Kal in my life puts me over the top with happiness. I'm always smiling, positive, secure and confidant as a mother, optimistic about the future. I've found a purpose that drives me and fulfills me.

I'm loving One Republic's song "Good Life" right now. Totally my theme song. I'm learning the guitar right now and I think it would be friggin awesome if I learned that song. I'm so excited!
Anyways, things are great. Not easy by any means... but difficult things are really the things that make life worth it.


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